Land Pooling – the right step in the right direction

Posted on: April 10, 2014 at 10:53 pm, in

Since Independence there had been a number of proposals to turn Delhi into a world class city, something it deserved to be.. but that all had stayed on paper or did not materialize into the actual thing because of ill-conceptualization. Delhi Development Authority was formed with the very same reason to put Delhi on the right track in terms of infrastructure. But even after over 6 decades of independence, Delhi has not been able to achieve that status. Even though DDA has a couple of things to brag about, Dwarka and Rohini being a couple of those, but has largely failed to meet the city needs so far.

Nonetheless, the announcement of Land Pooling policy has the brought in the much needed respite and although it may be too soon to say it but still would say, it has the caliber to take this city’s repo to new heights.

Absence of such mechanism / policy had been the cause to such large scale development of unauthorized / unplanned colonies. With no governmental involvement, these colonies lagged in the very basic amenities, such as electricity connections, sewerage, drinking water and even proper roads /streets. With Delhi falling under high-risk seismic zones, these issues become grave.

DDA / UD Ministry have taken time to implement the policy and they may take more time but that should be the recommended approach. We Indians have the tendency to plan on the run, though it should not be the recommended way, specially, when it comes to city planning.

All’s well that ends  well… and if DDA is able to pull this well, it may lead the city towards a better and much awaited future. Let us keep our fingers crossed.