Salient Features of Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy | Part 1

Posted on: October 24, 2016 at 4:22 am, in

In our last post we explained what and why of the Land Pooling Policy. Today we will try to dig deeper into other salient features of the Delhi’s Land Pooling policy.

Under this Policy DDA will be undertaking urbanization of around 24,000 hectares of publicly owned land through land pooling to accommodate a population of around 50 Lakh in outer Delhi zones, namely, P-II, L, N etc.

DDA will be bringing all this land under one umbrella after converting it from its current Agricultural status to R-zone. This will comprise of High Density areas which should get to see high-rises and Low density residential areas also known as country homes.

In this section we will be discussing about the latter one.

LDRA : Low Density Residential Area

‘Country homes’ is an exciting concept for anyone willing to have a lavish space at an affordable price within the capital. 23 villages have been earmarked under LDRA development. Also, 47 villages falling under green belt will be a part of this group.

DDA introduced new norms for owning farm houses in the capital via S.O. No – 1190 (E), on 10th May, 2013.

Key Points on LDRA / Country Homes

  • Under the new norms mandatory requirement of minimum 2.5 acres has been reduced to 1 acre. This will make it easier for people on a budget to think of owning a farmhouse in the capital.
  • Floor Area Ratio has been increased for LDRA to allow more construction. While the FAR in Lutyen’s Delhi is 15, it is 30 in LDRA areas; out of which 20 (8712 sf ) is free. Upto three dwelling units are allowed per acre of land in areas falling under LDRA.
  • Currently prices are as low as 3-5 cr per acre in these zones while farmhouses in other areas of Delhi are way out of reach even for Delhi’s upper-middle class.

This will keep number of dwelling units in these areas in check and will make sure that the periphery of Delhi remains green & eco-friendly.

With all been said, there is just one more thing to add; Delhi is offering a limited opportunity to all to own a bungalow/farmhouse in the heart of the country.

In our next section/post, we will be discussing about the next feature of Land Pooling Policy, i.e., high density residential development.