DDA denies free land to Delhi Govt from pooled land

Posted on: September 12, 2016 at 7:20 pm, in

DDA officials, after considering the Delhi govt’s demand, have found it infeasible to be met. This comes out as another setback to Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy. The AAP govt had asked DDA for 12-15% of the pooled land to it for free for development projects.

Central government has agreed to give land at Re 1 per annum to the state government. Also, the transfer of gram sabha land has already been approved. Stating the same, DDA has said that the government’s demand for share in the total pooled land is not valid.

DDA urged AAP govt to expedite the Land Pooling process

With this DDA has urged the AAP govt to expedite the implementation of land-pooling which has been stuck for quite some time now. The policy was notified in year 2013 and the operational guidelines were issued in year 2015. Since then the policy has been stuck for clearance from Delhi Govt.

The policy is considered to be important for providing housing to all. City’s ever growing housing demand and absence of any such planned approach to it had been responsible for mushrooming of such large scale unauthorized clusters.

It will be a big game changer once the Land pooling is approved by the Delhi Government and is implemented by DDA. Though, it’s easier said than done. Even after the villages are declared as development area by the Delhi govt, DDA might need more time to start the pooling process.