Delhi govt agrees to clear land-pooling policy but with a rider

Posted on: July 2, 2016 at 12:41 pm, in

Finally, after a very long silence, there has been a word from Delhi Govt on the Land Pooling policy. Delhi govt agrees to clear land-pooling policy. The AAP govt has demanded a share from the pooled land amounting to 12-15% of DDA’s share for carrying out development projects.

Per earlier news from govt officials /spokesperson(s), state govt was reviewing the policy at their end and they took considerable time before making an official statement.

Delhi govt has at times mentioned about difficulty in getting land from DDA for development work for which they are supposed to pay the authority. Per officials, govt would need land for building schools, stadiums, electrical sub-stations etc in the newly planned sub-cities.

Now the ball has rolled back to DDA’s court and they may respond to it after reviewing the Delhi govt’s demand.

Even with this, there are still some outstanding issues, such as, govt has yet to waive of stamp duty on to and fro transfer of land parcels to DDA.