Land Pooling policy expected to roll out in a couple of months.

Posted on: July 20, 2014 at 3:41 pm, in

The policy aimed at vast development of residential complexes within the capital, is expected to get launched in another 2-3 months period, per communication from DDA’s vice chairman, Mr Balvinder Kumar.  The policy which carries the solution to much of capital’s woes, including that of Economically weaker section, has eliminated the time consuming process of land acquisition and will instead be a partnership venture between public and private entities. The policy is expected to upgrade city’s housing stock in the coming years. Also, per estimates, govt is expected to provide 20 EWS units for every acre of pooled land.

Per the Vice Chairman, there are still a few legal issues to be resolved before it getting a go-ahead. They are still trying to understand the apprehensions and take suggestions from representatives of different bodies. This approach would curb chances of any resistance in the future, during the implementation of the policy and is a welcome step. Also, section 33 of Delhi’s Land Reforms Act which does not allow fragmentation of land less than 8 acres, will need to be repealed.